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Wusthof  Protection Glove (small)
Wusthof  Protection Glove (small)

Wusthof Protection Glove (small)

SKU: WT7669s

RRP: £17.00

Cut Resistant

Running Low

Cut-resistant gloves are comfortable to wear and protect your hands when using sharp knives.

Practical, resistant, breathable.

The flexible cut-resistant glove fits the hand perfectly, ensures freedom of movement and has very good tactile properties.

Robust fabric made from glass fibre reinforced nylon with cut protection class EN 388 CE, highest cut protection rating of 5.

Size S/7, length approx. 26 cm (also suitable for left-handed use).

Machine washable up to 30C.

Note: The cut-resistant gloves are cut-resistant but not stab-proof.



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