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Wusthof In-Drawer Knife Organiser
Wusthof In-Drawer Knife Organiser

Wusthof In-Drawer Knife Organiser

SKU: WT7273

RRP: £73.00

Empty 7-Slot Knife Organiser

Running Low

Wusthofs in-drawer organiser offers the perfect solution for those who would like to keep their precious knives in the drawer, but realize that doing so is a safety hazard and it could damage the blades.

The in-drawer organiser is also ideal for serious home cooks who have got more knives than slots in their knife block!

For the perfect storage of your most important kitchen tools, Wusthof offers this new stylish and functional drawer insert made from beechwood.

The large handle opening in the front section of the insert makes it easier to grab hold of knives and also provides the best protection against the sharp blades.

The slots ensure the knives are ready to hand and clearly separated from one another.

Knives not included.



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