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Impact Egg Poacher Set
Impact Egg Poacher Set

Impact Egg Poacher Set

SKU: SP71200000

RRP: £109.00 SALE: £89.00

20cm Egg Poacher Set with Lid

In Stock

The SCANPAN Egg Poacher is the pan for easy poaching of up to four eggs at a time.

The SCANPAN Impact poaching pan is a very effective set of 4 practical, non-stick coated bowls with a convenient grip.

It's easy to use: Pour water into the bottom of the pan and crack eggs into the bowls. The eggs are ready in 3-4 minutes when the egg white is firm and the yolk is creamy.

It's easy, delicious and healthy!

As seen in the Independent's 10 Best Egg Poachers



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