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Nuance Modular Wine Rack
Nuance Modular Wine Rack
Nuance Modular Wine Rack
Nuance Modular Wine Rack
Nuance Modular Wine Rack
Nuance Modular Wine Rack

Nuance Modular Wine Rack

SKU: NU462326

RRP: £30.00 SALE: £15.00

Modular build to your space fill the wall drink the wine DISCONTINUED

In Stock

Each Wine Rack can hold up to 6 bottles.

The Nuance Wine Rack is stackable from the floor upwards, with each one fixing safely to the next.

If you are looking for a stand-out design feature that will provide space for many wine or Champagne bottles, this is a perfect idea! The modular Wine Rack allows you to get creative and work with whatever amount of space you have. For extra unique style you can fix "floating" wine racks to your wall, which can hold empty wine bottles.

Equally, if you are looking for a small storage solution, the Nuance Wine Rack looks fantastic placed on a counter on its own, especially when its adorned with the Oak Top Plate.

This Nuance Wine Rack can offer the perfect solution for wine collectors, as pieces can be added as the collection of wine or Champagne grows!

Imagine how remarkable this would look as the back drop to your home bar a floor to ceiling Wine Rack! Or perhaps you have an awkward space to fill or a blank wall that is crying out to made into a stylish feature.

An oak top plate is available to buy separately, which sits on top of the top Wine Rack to offer a nice design feature which can also be used a shelf for your wine gadgets, such as openers, finers, coolers and pourers.

This inventive Wine Rack was created by one of Scandinavias strongest designer duos, Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby. The pair are widely known for their functional, exquisite innovations, and this Wine Rack is certainly something special!

Dimensions per each wine rack:
Length: 33cm
Diameter: 24cm
Material: ABS (strong, sturdy plastic)



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