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Koziol Bottle rack SET-UP - organic grey
Koziol Bottle rack SET-UP - organic grey

Koziol Bottle rack SET-UP - organic grey

SKU: KZ3596670

RRP: £26.95

L 23.0cm | W 35.3cm | H 36.4cm

Running Low

Drink and be merry: SET-UP is the virtuoso haven for all wine, water, juice and soft drink bottles. Thanks to the material and its honeycomb construction, the individual sections are surprisingly stable. And with their modular design, they can be reconfigured ad lib and extended both horizontally and vertically. Whats more, SET-UP is so stylish that it doesnt have to hide away in the basement. It will serve as an eye-catching storage system in kitchens or against walls in dining and living rooms, where it can also shine as an attractive archive for rolled-up newspapers and magazines. The elements of SET-UP are made out of the new koziol Organic Material based on cellulose: environmentally friendly, food-safe, 100% recyclable, and absolutely non-toxic, without formaldehyde or BPA. Not only that, it is also extremely long-living, robust and of course dishwasher-safe. Made in Germany allows for an active reduction of CO2 due to short transport routes and the use of green energy.



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