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Koziol Cutting Board SNAP 2.0 - organic green
Koziol Cutting Board SNAP 2.0 - organic green

Koziol Cutting Board SNAP 2.0 - organic green

SKU: KZ3264668

RRP: £16.95

L 49.2cm | W 27.8cm | H 0.9cm

In Stock

First cut, then fold. This archetypal cutting board now boasts a new folding function as one of its intelligent design features. It can be folded in the middle and its contents funneled safely into a bowl or saucepan. Thanks to its professional dimensions, SNAP 2. allows all the ingredients to be chopped, cut and collected in one place. Whats more, it makes the perfect platform for slicing roasts and dividing up cakes as well. A large handle for easy gripping and lifting, a channeled rim that traps liquids and a knife-friendly surface make SNAP 2. a perfectly designed solution. SNAP is made out of the new koziol Organic Material based on cellulose: environmentally friendly, food-safe, 100% recyclable, and absolutely non-toxic, without formaldehyde or BPA. Not only that, it is also extremely long-living, robust and of course dishwasher-safe. Made in Germany allows for an active reduction of CO2 due to short transport routes and the use of green energy.



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