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GEFU Fine Grater
GEFU Fine Grater
GEFU Fine Grater

GEFU Fine Grater

SKU: GF50470

RRP: £19.95


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Grate Parmesan, ginger, chocolate, lemon zest, cinnamon sticks and other hard foodstuffs effortlessly and finely thanks to this fine graterÄôs extremely sharp laser-cut blades.

When it comes to grating hard food such as Parmesan, ginger, nutmeg, lemon, carrots, cinnamon sticks ? you name it ? this fine graterÄôs extremely sharp laser-cut blades come into their own! The long concave surface makes grating quick, efficient and safe and prevents the food from slipping to one side. Very practical: the protective cover can be used as a tray for the grated material and, thanks to the small opening at the end, to measure it out. A non-slip base and the ergonomic handle made of soft-grip material make it safe to use.

* long, concave surface for quick, efficient and safe grating
* ultra-sharp laser-cut blades
* transparent protective cover collects grated material and makes for precise pouring
* non-slip base
* hanging loop
* W32.4cm, D4.6cm, H2.2cm
* high-grade stainless steel / ABS / PP / * SAN / TPR
* dishwasher-safe



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