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GEFU Espresso Maker Nando
GEFU Espresso Maker Nando

GEFU Espresso Maker Nando

SKU: GF16390

RRP: £90.00

6 cups (Nando)

More on the way

Fresh espresso, classically brewed in a nice espresso maker. The modern espresso maker is looking great on every stove.

for freshly brewed espresso
also suitable for induction stoves
with reduction sieve for smaller quantities of espresso
pouring lip
W 14.5 cm, D 10.5 cm, H 22 cm
high-grade stainless-steel
dishwasher safe

The espresso maker combines modern design with classic Italian espresso culture. And its as simple as that: put water into the container, place the sieve with the espresso powder, screw the jug on it and put it on the stove. By the way, the espresso maker is suitable for all types of stoves including induction. And if only half the espresso is to be enjoyed the reduction sieve allows the brewing with half of the powder quantity.



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