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GEFU Hamburger Skewers Torro
GEFU Hamburger Skewers Torro

GEFU Hamburger Skewers Torro

SKU: GF15435

RRP: £11.95

2 Pcs (bull + axe)

In Stock

To keep all parts of your home-made burger well in place, just fix the bun, the patty and the delicious garnish with the hamburger skewers. They are also perfect for attractively serving barbecue kebabs.

to skewer hamburgers
for barbecue kebabs with or without meat
deaths head + peperoni
W 19 cm, D 3 cm
high-grade stainless steel

Makes BBQ-lovers hearts beat faster: these hamburger skewers are the perfect way to pin freshly grilled patties and their delicious garnish in place so nothing will go astray while you enjoy your hamburger. The skewers also help to bring kebabs to your table, with or without meat, in top form.



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