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GEFU Piping Bag Set Decore
GEFU Piping Bag Set Decore

GEFU Piping Bag Set Decore

SKU: GF14330

RRP: £22.95

5 pcs

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Filling muffin moulds, decorating a cake or filling doughnuts: this piping bag with three stainless steel tips is useful for anything from delicate decorating to quick filling.

for decorating cakes, cookies and other desserts
for filling doughnuts and putting dough into muffin or doughnut moulds
piping bag made of coated, boilable cotton
plastic adaptor for large and small tips
3 tips made of high-grade stainless steel
cotton / PP / high-grade stainless steel

This piping bag comes with three stainless steel tips. For filling doughnuts and the like, for perfect garnishes on gateaux, desserts and delicate canaps, or for evenly filling muffin and doughnut moulds. Especially practical: the tips can easily be exchanged from the outside. The ideal trio for gteau artists and baking enthusiasts.



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