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GEFU Uno Baking Frame
GEFU Uno Baking Frame
GEFU Uno Baking Frame
GEFU Uno Baking Frame

GEFU Uno Baking Frame

SKU: GF14315

RRP: £28.95

Adjustable Baking Frame

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Gone are the days of having multiple cake tins for all different sizes of cakes because the GEFU Adjustable Rectangular Baking Frame allows you to bake in several sizes!

Adjustable from 20cm x 24cm to 38cm x 46cm.

With a height of 8.5cm, this extra-high baking-frame allows you to effortlessly bake cakes and pizzas with generous toppings. The high rim keeps the mix in its shape and prevents it from running over the edge.

The GEFU Baking Frame is easy to use:
* Set the baking-frame to the size required on your baking-sheet
* Fill it with your mix or batter
* Add any toppings
* Bake!

The baking-frame is equally useful for the preparation of cakes and desserts. Bake your cake and let it cool or make your dessert base, then add your cold toppings of yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese and so on. Let it chill or set in the fridge.



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