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GEFU Egg Separator Blobby
GEFU Egg Separator Blobby

GEFU Egg Separator Blobby

SKU: GF12570

RRP: £7.00

Egg Separator Blobby

Running Low

BLOBBY, the practical kitchen aid, is a neat solution for perfectly separating the yolk from the white as sure as eggs is eggs! Innovative and smart.

-for the perfect separation of egg yolk and egg white
-with practical suction effect
-silicone and plastic

Using the BLOBBY egg yolk separator you are sure to separate the egg yolk from the white to perfection. Just break the egg, take the BLOBBY in your hand, press the comfortable-to-hold white silicone ball together and hold the transparent plastic element above the egg yolk. Then release your grip to let the ball draw in air. The egg yolk is sucked in and can be processed further. This innovative kitchen aid can be cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher.



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