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Emile Henry Sprouter 3pc Chalk
Emile Henry Sprouter 3pc Chalk

Emile Henry Sprouter 3pc Chalk

SKU: EH100250

RRP: £50.00

L 22.0cm | W 9.7cm | H 15.4cm

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From gourmet restaurants to lunchtime sandwiches, sprouted seeds are a must for creative cuisine and healthy eating. Fresh and crispy, they bring texture, flavour and colour to enhance soup, salads, burgers...and to plate food like a chef. And they are full of vitamins and nutrients!
Easy to use, the Emile Henry ceramic Seed Sprouter enables you to grow all kinds of seeds (except mucilaginous) in only 4 to 8 days.
It includes 2 trays to stagger your crops or vary the type of seeds used and a base. And its design ensures seeds get the proper ventilation and the right amount of light to encourage optimal germination.
Made from 100% natural materials, the Emile Henry Sprouter is ideal for organic cultures. Entirely glazed, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Narrow it conveniently finds its place on a window sill or the worktop.



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