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SCANPAN always lead the way in innovation and technology, priding ourselves on the highest quality – uncompromising cookware.

"SCANPAN’s passion for good food is reflected in the way we produce our unique cookware. The way we see it, good food deserves quality tools made with the same commitment, respect and care that we exercise when producing and handling our food."

The respect the SCANPAN has for food and our Earth is why SCANPAN uses 100% recycled aluminium. Combine this with the longevity of SCANPAN products and our carbon footprint is somewhat diminished. This makes our products the ideal choice for anyone who shares our commitment to lessening our impact on the environment.

SCANPAN's patented non-stick coating was the first to be certified PFOA-free. To this day SCANPAN are one of the world's leading producers of non-stick products and have for more than six decades produced high quality long-lasting cookware at their factory near Aarhus, Denmark. 

Deeply anchored in traditional, sound techniques of craftsmanship, SCANPAN designs and manufactures functional and timeless utensils for the modern kitchen; from the everyday household to the professional kitchen.

Whether you prefer non-stick or stainless steel cookware, SCANPAN has a range to suit every kitchen.

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