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Counterfeit Goods


Fake Britain – What is happening?

A brand as reputable and trusted as Wüsthof is pretty much immune to pitfalls when purchasing from a genuine approved retailer.  However, when people aspire to such a strong name in the kitchen and are seeking the best value for their money, there is one obvious danger - making a purchase from somebody that isn’t approved and isn’t listed as a genuine retail source.  The counterfeit market in the UK is worth millions and applies to most items that you desire; sources reveal that many fake goods are sold through third party sellers on the internet via Ebay and other well known sites.  Aside from costing the UK economy a small fortune and stopping you from enjoying free advice and aftercare from a wonderful selection of independent professional cookshops based up and down the country, the biggest downfall is that the products you purchase may not even be Wüsthof items.

You must always question what it is you are buying and, in the murky world of counterfeit goods on the market, we have a duty to make people aware of the dangers and ensure that they get the best out of their hard earned investment.

For the people that don’t want to walk into a supermarket and just pick up a knife for cutting a tomato once in a while, buying a professional knife is a serious investment. Seeking out professional advice from your approved retailer offers you peace of mind, security and the shared passion and enthusiasm that we have when it comes to educating you on how to look after that investment; so that your knife offers you years and years of loyal service.

You might have been offered Wüsthof via a knock on the back door of a professional kitchen, seen them on a market stall locally or had a salesman drive to your house and offer you the ultimate set of knives that seem to display the trusted Wüsthof logo.

These could be and probably are counterfeit. By taking a chance to save yourself some money you could have inadvertently received a worthless product.  Goods like this are churned out of black-market makeshift factories, with the faceless sellers moving from brand to brand, always failing to emulate the success and history behind the technology and innovation of a premium brand name.

Wüsthof have a state of the art production facility based in Solingen in Germany and over the many years that Haus have distributed the brand, we have seen the constant evolution in technology that makes them one of the most desirable and envied parts of any kitchen.  Wüsthof do not make knives for anybody else and their business is solely comprised of crafting knives and accessories for the professional and hobby chef alike.



View the Wusthof Catalogue on our web site.

What is out there?

The counterfeit knives, bags and rolls that we have seen in various guises are, at first glance, Wüsthof items.  A closer look and you will see that the craftsmanship (the steel quality, the knife edge and construction of the handle, the bag material and the logo finish) is nothing but fake.  Take the knife and use it and you will immediately notice a difference in cutting performance. Try and maintain that knife with a fake steel (the hardness of any honing steel must be harder than the steel of the knife) and you will probably have hours of frustration trying to maintain or keep an edge to the blade.   The blades can snap easily as they are not treated to the right tempering process and the result is an extremely dangerous item for your home or professional kitchen.  The counterfeit blades that we have seen claim to be from the Gourmet line, one of our entry level ranges.  Wüsthof proudly manufacture this range in their Solingen factory, using the latest laser technology to offer a great knife at a more economic price than the precision forged ranges like ClassicClassic IKON or Xline. The counterfeit blades we have seen have certainly not enjoyed any part of this illustrious manufacturing process.  The bags that we have encountered are manufactured using very poor stitching; they will fall apart quickly and should not be associated with the quality level that Wüsthof apply to any product bearing their name.  Remember this; Wüsthof offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects for all of their products. A fake item will always be spotted once it is returned to us and in these instances we cannot honour the guarantee under any circumstances. Wüsthof’s famous warranty is applicable only to official, genuine Wüsthof products.


Seen a fake?

If you have seen any fake knives we would appreciate the details so that we can prevent these people from selling products that are not genuine items. 

If you are ever unsure, check the stockist list on our web site and make the right purchase from the right retailer.

If we were investing £100 in a premium kitchen knife to last us a lifetime, and the item we were seeking was £10 or £15 cheaper on an unapproved site, third party retailer or from the back of a car boot, we would always save our time and money by making a simple check to ensure that what we were paying for was the genuine item backed by the service and support of both the retailer and the Wüsthof lifetime guarantee. We recommend that you do too.



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