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Caring For Non Stick

Caring for SCANPAN non-stick cookware

Fat-free frying

SCANPAN non-stick cookware allows you to fry using next to no butter, oil or seasoning if you so desire. For best results, apply a single drop – no more, no less – of vegetable oil (do not use aerosol spray oils) to the cooking surface of the heated pan. Spread the oil around the cooking surface with a paper towel. The pan is now ready to use. Medium temperature is ideal for frying. High heat is unnecessary as the aluminium is superior in retaining heat. Furthermore, high heat will reduce the non-stick performance.

Frying with Seasonings

Temperatures reached during frying can be relatively high. The large surface of the pan, combined with the high temperature, may cause the fats and oils to react with air and break down into their chemical components. You can minimise the risk of that happening by using a medium-high temperature setting.

About fats and oils – Oil

Rapeseed oil and olive oil are high in mono-unsaturated fats, making them extremely suitable for frying. The high content on mono-unsaturated fatty acids makes them stable. Oils that are high in poly-unsaturated fats, for example, sunflower oil, are more sensitive to heat and are easily overheated. Therefore we do not recommend their use. Oils do not contain any water and do not bubble or spit while being heated. Many recipes call for the oil to be hot but not smoking before placing the meat or other food in the pan. (Oil that is smoking is essentially burnt and ruined). Putting a piece of onion in the oil will tell you when the right temperature has been reached: When the oil starts bubbling around the onion, the oil is ready for frying. Alternatively, you can heat the pan to medium-high heat, put the desired amount of oil in the heated pan, and start frying right away. The oil is heated immediately and will not break down.

About fats and oils – Margarine

Margarine may be easier to use but often has a high transfatty acid content. Nutrition experts consider this to be at least as harmful as saturated fats. Therefore, if you want to use margarine for frying, use margarine types marked with high mono-unsaturated fat content – or even better – free of trans-fatty acids.

About fats and oils – Butter

Butter has a relatively low break-down point. We recommend adding a small amount of vegetable or olive oil, instead of using plain butter, only.

Product care

SCANPAN® non-stick products are made for specific purposes; pans for frying, pots and saucepans for boiling, etc. By using the products for the right purposes, you will experience high performance products. If you, however, use the products for other purposes, they may not perform optimally, and the non-stick coating may be impaired.

Do not overheat the product. As the aluminium is superior in retaining heat, high heat is unnecessary. Furthermore, high heat will reduce the non-stick performance.

Do not use oil from aerosol sprays, as this can impair the product’s non-stick coating.

Do not store food in your Scanpan® product.


After use, wash the product with warm, soapy water. It is easiest to clean the product while it is still warm. The product must always be completely clean, before it is put away.

It is not recommended to wash the product in the dishwasher.

Please click on this link to download the Scanpan Non-Stick PDF care guide

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