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The Art of Tea - Making, serving and drinking tea. Tea takes centre stage.

The double-walled teapots of Bredemeijer are a household name amongst tea lovers all over the world. It is the design and high quality that makes real connoisseurs choose Bredemeijer. There is something for everyone in the vast collection of teapots.

Bredemeijer's most famous teapot is the Cosy Manto, which is a ceramic teapot with a stainless steel casing that acts as your most attractive tea cosy. This traditional style of teapot has been modernised and is now available in several different colours, take a look at Bredemeijer's Cosy Manto teapots, with the ceramic teapot in white and black and the felt-clad casings in brass, copper or chrome.

One of our favourite Bredemeijer collections is the Lund range, these ceramic teapots are cleanly designed with a Scandi look and feel. We love the Bredemeijer logo that's embossed into the lid handle, giving it a simple mark of quality.

All of Bredemeijer's stainless-steel teapots are double-walled which keeps tea warm and full of flavour for a very long time.

Alongside the Bredemeijer teapots, Bredemeijer also offer a large selection of tea accessories, including tea mugs, tea boxes, tea timers, tea filters, tea eggs and serving trays.

Make Time for Tea.

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