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About Us

About Haus 

A keen cook or an amateur that simply loves involving themselves, friends or family in their cooking journey.  Haus have a brand portfolio that they have represented in varying stages since they started in 2004.
Whether a fully qualified chef, just starting out, the IG plate taker or just discovering your own adept abilities at recognising and combining different flavours and influences. 
Where does our passion begin?

For us, and to coin a phrase used by our Managing Director, we are about ‘Cooking from Scratch’, we believe (we may be slightly biased) that we have all the tools and products to make sure your journey in the kitchen as rewarding as it is for us to sell.   Without the level of enthusiasm that we share at all levels, that passion that we have for all the brands that we work with, the relationships and friends from around the world, embedded in this cooking stage. Creativity in that simple lunch, to the intricate time on that rewarding dinner, we simply wouldn’t be here without all those building blocks, for the love of cooking and for the love of flavoursome ingredients.
The products that you see on this site have been brought to you from that level of love.  Some brands that we have worked with for many years, family brands that share our same values and commitment. Without it you wouldn’t be able to Prep, cook, create, serve and add that special touch!!
We hope you enjoy your cooking journey, we want you to share our enthusiasm whilst appreciating all the wonderful values these products will bring to your kitchen.  Take an opportunity to visit some of the high street stockists and pay that little bit extra for that fountain of knowledge, support a retailer where possible on your local high street.  Can’t find one near you, then of course we will support you with a purchase,  for us it would be a pleasure to direct you to one of our friends at a local cookshop, lifestyle store, deli or hotel & restaurant retailer. 
Feel free to share your pictures of our products with the #ilovehaus through IG or send us your picture via email along with reviews and comments.  Join us on this journey of discovering new flavours, new recipes, influences and creative kit.

Prep, cook, create, serve and add that special touch!!

HAUS | Established in 2004 | Nominated for PHA 'Excellence in Service' for 13 of those 14 years | Passionate about Service | In love with food
and so on....

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