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Happy 60th Birthday SCANPAN

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Happy 60th Birthday SCANPAN

For the last 60 years, SCANPAN has inspired a love of food in the kitchen: from when the first pan was cast in 1956, almost by accident, right up until today, when both professional and amateur chefs globally use cookware from SCANPAN. To mark the anniversary, SCANPAN has developed a Frying Pan with a real retro look.

SCANPAN is now an international and well-known manufacturer of kitchenware and accessories for all types of kitchens. And 60 years on from when the first pressure-cast frying pan was sold on the street, SCANPAN has issued a limited edition anniversary pan. The anniversary pan has the classic ‘pattern’ on the surface that dates back to 1956, but which has been surface-treated with the latest and strongest coating.

It was almost by accident that the first pressure-cast pan came into existence in 1956.

Inventor and businessman G. A. L. Thorsen founded the pressure-cast steel wash, and worked on developing a pressure cooker. He eventually gave up on the project, but what was originally the lid to the pressure cooker, became the first version of the frying pan. The pan was made from scrap aluminium, which was cheap at the time due to the discarded planes from the Second World War.

Even though one of the original aluminium presses still remains in use in SCANPAN’s current production in Ryomgaard on Djursland, quality, design and functionality have been greatly developed since the first frying pans left the factory in the 1950's.


The History of SCANPAN:

The 1960’s – the discerning housewife’s favourite kitchenware

In the swinging 60s, the economy was flourishing, and new kitchenware, such as frying pans with non-stick coating, made its way into the Danish kitchen. At the factory in Lystrup, employees had begun to make apple dumpling pans, waffle irons and baking tins. The kitchenware was sold under the name and slogan: “The discerning housewife’s favourite kitchenware”.

The 1970’s – from oil crisis to new factory

Despite the effect of the oil crisis on household economies, demand for these Danish frying pans continued to grow. The production moved from the old production premises in Lystrup, and in the summer of 1976, the new factory finally opened in Ryomgaard on Djursland.

The 1980’s – the first frying pans with titanium

Now it was no longer just the Danes who enjoyed using our frying pans, Germany had now become the biggest market. In 1986, the factory in Ryomgaard introduced the first frying pan with combined titanium and non-stick coating. The new coating was so hard that it used to be tested with a drill in front of visiting customers.

The 1990’s – new series and patented handle

During the 1990’s, SCANPAN developed a patented handle, which was cast together with the rest of the frying pan. This meant that the handle would not come apart – even after many years of use.

The 00’s – environment-friendly kitchenware and co-operation with chefs

In 2008, SCANPAN was the first manufacturer to claim all products as free from PFOA and PFOS. During production, SCANPAN also uses metals such as stainless steel and 100% recycled aluminium to minimise environmental impact from production. It was in the 00s that SCANPAN began to work with professional chefs in an attempt to develop the best kitchenware on the market for both domestic and professional cooks.

The 10s – For the love of good food

The induction stovetop became a serious player in the modern kitchen, and SCANPAN has developed a base for aluminium pots and pans that works on induction hobs.

60 years after the first pressure-cast frying pans, the same fundamental technique remains behind the Danish-produced quality pans from SCANPAN. However, the years have also brought new and improved features for the popular pans.



SCANPAN 60th Anniversary Frying Pan

To celebrate this special anniversary SCANPAN have revealed a limited edition frying pan. As there is a limited number of stocks please order early to avoid disappointment.

 RRP: £79.00



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Over the past 6 decades SCANPAN have produced many different ranges, each one with its own unique purposes and benefits. The current ranges include the original Classic non-stick series, dubbed as being function and timeless, there are several induction suitable ranges, including the stainless steel Fusion 5 range and the non-stick Pro-IQ range. Growing in popularity are the small pans in the Maitre D’ ranges, made of elegant copper and steel and designed especially for delicate dishes.


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Everyone at Haus would like to congratulate the SCANPAN team whose continuous innovative thinking has allowed them to remain at the forefront of cookware across the globe.


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