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No Knead Crusty Loaf

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No Knead Crusty Loaf

·      (680g) lukewarm water – about 50c  

·      (907g) Bread Flour

·      1 tablespoon salt

·      1 1/2 tablespoons (14g) instant or active dry yeast

I used half of everything for one loaf for a saucepan! You can make the full batch and come back to it from the fridge later in the week for ease!

Combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Mix and stir everything together to make a very sticky, rough dough. If you have a stand mixer with a dough hook, beat at medium speed with the beater blade for 30 to 60 seconds. If you don't have a mixer, just get those muscles working. I used my hand to make sure everything was a good mix.

Cover the dough with cling film and let it rise. About 2 hours.

Then refrigerate for 2 hours for up to a week.  The longer you leave it the more sour it will taste.  Little like sourdough but without the leaven.

Take out half the dough, if you made the full batch and place it on a floured (bread flour) surface. Round it into a ball. Cup your hands and work the bottom to shape it into a nice round loaf shape. 

Flour your pan and pop the dough inside. Dust the top with a light coating of flour.

Let the dough rise from anywhere between 1 and 3hrs – subject to how warm your house is!

Preheat the oven to 220c and have a tray or bowl at the bottom of your oven heating at the same time.  Here you will create some extra steam and heat, pour (be careful) a cup of cold water into that tray when you have placed the saucepan inside – I did lid on for the first part of the bake.

Bake the bread for 25mins and then remove the lid.  Remove when the loaf is golden brown – approx. another ten mins.

Take out – remember the handle is hot! Turn out onto a tray and let it cool!

Eat with your favourite butter or spread! Whichever you feel is the psychological healthy option!



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