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Have to tell you about this!

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Have to tell you about this!


This amazing kitchen tool from GEFU just shouldn’t slip out of your grasp or your shopping basket!


Introducing the GEFU Vegetable or Fruit Splitter aka FlexiCut - Click here to visit it's page.


Some of you, not all of you, will know that GEFU were the original creators of the Spiralizer and we brought that into the UK in 2011, yes that’s right, way before you even knew what a spiralizer was! 



The original Spirelli from GEFU

Click here for more details on Spiralizers!


Here we have the NEW kid on the block, its not going to revolutionise the way you cook a courgette but it does have a true summary of useful points and manners that make using this little piece of kit as useful as useful can be.  Useful when in the kitchen that is! 


I’ve been testing this product for the last 3 months, as you can imagine I get lots to test and some I have started talking about and some well, lets just leave it at that! I try our products, I try competitor products and therefore I feel it puts me in a good position to talk about what we are passionate about and I am out of the front door when it comes to the not so favourable! 


My discoveries, actually that of my daughter (who just hit 13) loves tomatoes on toast, no not tinned…. Garlic tomatoes equaling garlic, sliced tomato, oil and salt and pepper, left to marinate into the land of umami and splattered on toast.  Served even for breakfast, she likes it that much. 



Now I am a dab hand with a knife (over inflates ego - no personal cuts in 20 years of using a Wusthof), we sell lots of good knives.  My daughter, hmmmm, yes she uses a Santoku on the odd occasion but she is far more confident with this little beast… she has even discovered past the world of the humble tomato, discovering that she can play with any fruit of vegetable that fits into that piece of kit! 



Me, I love it for the tomatoes of course, although I should use a knife, that ability to drop, plunge and slice with such speed and evenness makes for one happy guy that loves a good straight line and clean presentation! The mechanism at the bottom of the FlexiCut has two options for 4 wedges or 8. Slicing a tomato up, let a lone a punnet (is that right or is that just strawberries?) becomes an easy task for whoever is in the kitchen.  


My personal favourite though is the humble potato.  If I mention the words ‘syn free’ chips, or wedges, then this baby becomes a little factory line and you can churn out a small bag of potatoes quicker and more consistently than you can with a knife.  


Okay, it’s some fun in the kitchen, the product including its Japanese blade steel cutters/slicers are covered for 5yrs and some of the creations that you can make, or a child can make, without losing a finger are very beneficial.  I am also a strong believer that its good to get your kids into the kitchen.


What's not to love?


Merry Christmas 2018


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