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Happy New Year 2018

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Happy New Year 2018

I have gone and done it.... So I guess you can as well?


I've toyed with a lot of thought processes over the last two years.  Work has been tough since someone mentioned Brexit.  The big D and quitting smoking were the hardest to battle, one was a boost to me, leading to a financial mess, the other was a massive health boost leading to financial gain.... So... 2018 - Where to go now?

Like so many of us I have just spent the last two weeks eating cheese, drinking wine, trying to establish a 50th recipe for some turkey leftovers and why? So we can feed ourselves into un-healthiness?  

I was lucky enough to eat out on New Years Eve and maybe the final tipping point was the duck heart. As much as I feel the food was amazing, and it was, I have started to think about the negative effect excessive farming has on our planet.

But we are in a culture of experiences.  More and more people want to eat out. Still it’s inevitable… People want to recreate their favourite food, whether it’s a snack, street food or fine dining, they want to easily play with spices and create some tasty dishes.  Over the last few months I have played around with our cookware, chopped with knives, spiralized and tried different concoctions with food, primarily for my kids. I’ve created some pretty tasty dishes, many of which originated in Asia. 

2018 came and after my wonderful 'Last Supper' i decided to go Vegan.  So I am trying Veganuary, signed up, joined the Facebook Page and will see how I progress over the next few weeks.  I have to say, so far, and only a few days in, I feel good, not good in sense of my body, but my personal wellbeing! maybe that's just me, I’m not doing it to wear plastic shoes etc., I’m doing this for my health but more importantly for my planet! (Nope - I haven't hit my head).

So, over the next few weeks, on my Vegan travels, I will review some of the things I have cooked (or my partner if I steal her inspiration). If anyone else is on the path of a lifestyle change or they simply want to share a recipe then get in touch.  It doesn't have to be an extreme change like Veganism! You could have started running, eating more healthily, creating your own stir fries after digging out that super Scanpan wok.  We are playing with Asian food, although I have purchased two new books that should be on their way to me at the moment, enclosed, some inspirational breakfast ideas and some additional dishes to keep me healthy and satiated.

Some examples so far: 



Happy January Folks 

So the views and opinions are my own, they are not that of HAUS, if you want to complain then you can email via Haus on info@inthehaus.co.uk , I doubt anyone will reply though!  If you want to talk positive stuff, food and kitchen kit, yes i am here, lets talk - Message me on Facebook!  Next week I will update you on my latest experiences and inspirational waffle – well I was inspired, otherwise I wouldn’t have written anything.



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