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Christmas Lunch

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Christmas Lunch

 You sit there and you think…

Okay, so.  Who is coming for Christmas dinner, what kit do I need and what is the table going to look like.

Surely this can be an exercise of fun and with minimal fuss and hassle right?

By now you should have gone to the local butchers or wherever it is that you order your food from and asked for the bird or whatever it is that you are cooking.  Some of you are vegetarian or vegan so you will have your own ideas on prep.

 Getting ready…

 I know I have a few samples in the kitchen so I am slightly fortunate on that front.  However, I have been living by myself for two years now and I don’t have the most varied selection of presentation dishes, plates etc etc so I am muddling along on that front.  Don’t have the funds to add to my collection and I would prefer to add to my cookware, knives or tool as they are the devices that create my little inspirations in the kitchen.  So back of house I am all good, front of house I am a little disastrous. It’s the thought that counts though and in this day and age the experience is far more important, spending time with loved ones and enjoying time together.

 I’ve planned on the following for my Christmas lunch and have 7 people including myself to cook for.  Can’t be that difficult, can it?  I’m no chef, I love cooking and I love creativity.  I also have an addiction to Bao and as stated by my girlfriend, there are minimal vegetables involved on a bao (unless we go vegetarian) and my thinking is that it’s going to look a little odd on a Christmas plate.

 I am thinking….


 Pate and toast or prawn cocktail? Is this a little traditional? I’m not going to do my own pate as I haven’t the inclination, although from a video on ‘You Tube’ last night it seems quite easy.  I might scour my Delicious and Olive magazines again to see if I can be a little more inspired.


  •  Turkey stuffed with Chorizo and wrapped in bacon.
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Stuffing.

Those three are 100% on the menu.

 Then come your vegetable options, most of which can be prepped the day before so I am quite relaxed about the whole thing.

 I’m going Sprouts (whether they are London Sprouts or Brussel sprouts – after reading the recent press) I am undecided.  They will be pan fried in marmite butter.

I am also having either Black Pepper Hassleback potatoes or Parmesan Roasties.  All that will be supported with a big tray of roasted seasonal veg. All of these recipes were in the BBC Good Food magazine from November and variations are on their site if you didn’t get a copy.  I also scanned Olive, Delicious as well as Great British Food and I am still scanning January editions as they hit our shelves this week.


(Images and links courtesy of BBC Good Food) 

I refuse to and obviously can’t miss the Yorkshire Puddings, no I am not from Yorkshire, however when there is meat, gravy and all that going on around the table then you have to have some sort of Yorkie on the go! And freshly made, not those little things that are frozen! I just remembered, the girl that loves those yorkies will want peas as well. Then there is my own desire for a bit of cauliflower cheese – I’d love to serve that in a small mini saucepan with the sprouts. 

 All well presented on a white plate.  Filling the centre and not going over the top and not looking like Vesuvius.  As much as you see it in the nearby local, especially at  a carvery there is no reason in this world that your food should look like a scene from a Hollywood disaster movie.

 My essential kit list so far, other than plates and serving dishes.

Of course, my knife block set is an essential.  Failing that, as in, you haven’t got one or its on your Christmas list, go for a Cook’s knife or Santoku.  These are going to take the pain out of the prep and add fun to the whole experience.  I will ask my kids to get involved, my kids love cooking and they can use some of these smaller pick me up knives that can be used for prepping that seasonal veg tray – I think I have 3 brunch knives that they use all the time when trimming and cutting.

 Saucepans are a given.  A steamer if you have one to keep those nutrients alive and to save overcooking. 

My roasting pan, yes I’m lucky, I have two that I have been running/testing for two years now – used a few times a week and a go to pan of creativity.  The small one will take my turkey, whether that’s one whole piece or some individuals I haven’t yet decided.  You will need the medium or large (check your oven dimensions) if you are going for a large crown or full bird.  It can be easy to do either and there are some twists in flavour and preparation that I have seen on the web.  Let’s not go olives though, I think parmesan is pushing it on my potatoes but with or without the cauliflower cheese the two will compliment or add to the value of the non-cauliflower lovers – two in our house!


Notes on adding to your kit:

Visit your local cookshop, they have a wealth of knowledge.  The block set is available from your local stockist.  If you can't get it then its available online, avoid Amazon at the moment as we will not support returns or assistance for European retailers) The paring knives are available from your local retailer and stockist - search our site for more details.  The saucepan sets are on offer with your local retailer and Scanpan stockist as is the Scanpan Classic Roaster.  

 Where I need a spot of help!

My issue is the table. I need a tablecloth, place mats and a few extra glasses, all of which should be used again so I am not going to go all out for something that is going to be used once in a blue moon, again I neither have the money or the space to store all this unnecessary stuff.


So the views and opinions ar my own, they are not that of HAUS, if you want to complain then you can email via Haus on info@inthehaus.co.uk , I doubt anyone will reply though!  If you want to talk positive stuff, food and kitchen kit, yes i am here, lets talk!  Next week I will update you on my latest experiences and inspirational waffle – well I was inspired, otherwise I wouldn’t have written anything.






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