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Are we allowed to say Easter?

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Are we allowed to say Easter?

I put it out there, I said it.  I actually used the word Easter and I wasn’t afraid of the comeback.  Please relax…. I have read the press recently, people have been renaming their product with the word Easter removed from the title.  Is this real? Seems to be.  I also heard, and I have never heard of this before, that some people out there actually have an Easter Tree… Some even keep their Christmas tree up and redecorate it for various seasonal themes throughout the year. Amazing.


Anyway. I digress.


Easter is coming and it’s a great opportunity to get together with family and/or friends and celebrate.  You don’t have to celebrate the religious aspect if that’s not your thing.  You should use the time to refresh, Spring clean if you fancy, recharge and get some quality time in with loved ones and those special people around you.


A few favourites and yes, I know it’s all about the weather. 






The great British BBQ


BBQ that word that puts images in the mind of the BBQ novice of rain, half cooked sausage and nothing more than burnt food.  We have all been to one of those barbecues.


I just got my barbecue back (don’t ask), I’m still open to suggestions on what to cook on it though as I have been Vegan since 01st Jan.  I still haven’t done the research as to what I can actually add to the fire.  I am sure there are plenty of opportunities out there and your suggestions will be welcome.  I will be watching the social media feed from the guys at Bosh to make sure I get myself inspired.


It has to be my old favourite though, cooking outside, al fresco dining.  I had family around last summer maybe about a handful of times.  It doesn’t have to be hectic, stressful – although I still have a daughter who is nearly twenty that likes to push her food around citing a certain level of pickiness and fuss.  I try to avoid all the plastic tat out there and try to buck the trend with either recycled options or product for my guests that are built to last.  I can’t save the planet myself, but we should be educating our kids! (That’s my political/environmental talk over with)  


So, without further ado, I question what are you thinking? New BBQ tools? Smoker? Fish rack? There are plenty of options in our portfolio from the guys at GEFU and there are plenty of options available for you to make that weekend a little bit more special without going overboard – my comment would simply be buy what you are going to use.  Always make sure you have a good knife and if I can, I need to steal a sample or four, add a Wusthof burger knife to your collection for a bit of theatre. Might be one to avoid offering to the little kids.


Not loving the BBQ idea? What about something different?


Invite the girlfriends/guys around (I am available and could if the selection was good enough don a wig), celebrate one afternoon with a wonderful selection of cakes, one baked by each of you and brought together for an afternoon of chat and tea, maybe a glass or two of Prosecco (Change to bottled beer for the guys).  Afternoon tea is a great way to catch up and one of those magical experiences that people love to attend and dine out with. It’s also one of those easy areas that you can create at home.  Don’t want to spend a mini fortune, everyone has different budgets, then don’t you can do it on a paper plate if you really fancy.  Pep it up a little though and make sure your tea options are a little varied and that you have a nice little teapot (or big if there is a gang of you) on the table to pour the tea options.


Afternoon Tea with Specialists - Bredemeijer from Holland


Afternoon tea is one of my favourite and most relaxing of events, a nice sit down, a selection of sandwiches to entice the mind and inspire some creativity, a selection of cakes and you can be as adventurous as you want and then the deal breaker, the scone.  Then you have to have the discussion…. Do you do it the Devonshire way or the Cornish way? Please don’t speak to me too much about Cornish way as I get offended every time I see this spreading disaster happen.


One other option? How about a mouth-watering Easter Sunday roast (I can still say this on a plant-based diet)?  Grab your knife, chop and prep the veg and fire up the oven for a nice roast of whatever it is that you fancy.  Visit your local butcher and if you are lucky enough, greengrocer and choose some seasonal specials.  Look at different cultures and different plates that you can create.  Use your roasting pan, not just for roasting meat, roast some cauliflower, broccoli and ping some garlic and oil in there to create a healthier alternative to roast potatoes in goose fat. The options are endless.  Kit is mostly in your cupboard and if it’s not then we can help with a great selection of Easter ideas available from our retailers or through our site.


The Fusion 5 SCANPAN Roaster


Seasonal veg options for April.


Artichoke, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Chicory, New Potatoes, Kale, Morel Mushrooms, Parsnips, Radishes, Rhubarb, Rocket, Sorrel, Spinach, Spring Greens, Spring Onions, Watercress


So the views and opinions are my own, they are not that of HAUS, if you want to complain then you can email via Haus on info@inthehaus.co.uk , I doubt anyone will reply though!  If you want to talk positive stuff, food and kitchen kit, yes I am here, let’s talk - Message me on Facebook!  Next time I will update you on my latest experiences and inspirational waffle – well I was inspired, otherwise I wouldn’t have written anything.





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