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Wusthof Pro

Wusthof Pro

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Introducing the PRO range from Wusthof, a professional selection of Laser Cut knives - made in Solingen - Germany.

Designed by chefs, for chefs - Wusthof PRO knives are made to be used in a busy, professional kitchen environment. The handle is remarkably comfortable to hold, making it a pleasure to work with for long periods of time. These PRO knives have a very unique two-stage ergonomically designed handle which is manufactured utilising two high performance synthetic materials: The inner core is made of an advanced synthetic material to give the handle great stability for prolonged use. The outer shell is made of a softer slip-resistant material.

The blade itself is made from high-carbon, stain-resistant steel. 56° Rockwell hardness for excellent edge retention.

This PRO selection of knives comes to you at a keen price for 'Laser Cut' knives, meaning that Wusthof great edge retention with less fragility than that of a stamped knife. Each knife is mirror polished to ensure a smooth and sealed cutting surface.
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Wusthof Pro Boning Knife +View this product Running Low

Wusthof Pro Boning Knife

16cm Boning Knife


SKU: WT4863B

RRP: £32.00

Wusthof Pro Bread Knife +View this product More on the way

Wusthof Pro Bread Knife

26cm Bread Knife


SKU: WT4854B

RRP: £40.00

Wusthof Pro Chinese Chefs Knife +View this product Running Low

Wusthof Pro Chinese Chefs Knife

20cm Chinese Chefs Knife


SKU: WT4891/20B

RRP: £75.00

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