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Wusthof Bar Tools

Wusthof Bar Tools

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Most people are familiar with Wusthof knives, but that's not surprising considering Wusthof have been manufacturing kitchen knives for 200 years!

However, it's perhaps less well known that Wusthof also produces top quality bar tools as well.

Below you will find a selection of professional bar tools for easy opening, serving and stirring, from bar spoons to corkscrews.

Whether you're shopping for a gift, for your home bar or for a commercial bar, you can be assured of the quality in Wusthof bar tools.
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Wusthof Bar Spoon +View this product In Stock

Wusthof Bar Spoon

30cm Bar Spoon


SKU: WT3580

RRP: £29.00

Wusthof Strainer +View this product More on the way

Wusthof Strainer

Bar Strainer


SKU: WT3600

RRP: £44.00

Wusthof Waiters Corkscrew +View this product More on the way

Wusthof Waiters Corkscrew

Waiters Corkscrew


SKU: WT6963

RRP: £27.00

Wusthof Wing Corkscrew +View this product Running Low

Wusthof Wing Corkscrew

Wing Corkscrew


SKU: WT3546

RRP: £51.00

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