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~GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter
~GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

~GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

SKU: GF13410

RRP: £45.00 SALE: £32.00

Get spiralising...

In Stock

Transforms countless types of vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti! Adjustable blades with 4 different width settings - 3mm, 6mm, 12mm or the entire vegetable. Folding lid for easy filling, integrated detachable non-slip container for the spirals produced, and special stainless steel extra-sharp cutting blades. Perfect for making carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, radishes, beetroot and even potatoes and exciting meal-time treat - ideal for stir-fries, salads and inventive side dishes or garnishes.

As seen on The Good Housekeeping website



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