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Xilin Teapot 1,25L, red
Xilin Teapot 1,25L, red

Xilin Teapot 1,25L, red


RRP: £39.95

Cast iron teapot

Running Low

Elegance and Japanese design come together in Xilin, the Cast Iron teapot range from Bredemeijer.

With its studded structure the Xilin teapots are available in green and blue, and in red from summer 2016. All of which are available as either 0.8 or 1.2 litre versions, and each teapot has a stainless steel filter included.

The set can be completed with matching tea cups and a stand.

The Cast Iron collection from Bredemeijer offers a range of Asian inspired teapots, tea mugs and coasters in several different designs and colours.

Bredemeijer produce stunning teapots and tea accessories, with a range to suit everyone’s style.

As reviewed by Greens of the Stone Age - you may fall in love with the stunning photos of the Bredemeijer Xilin Teapot in Red.



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