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Manto Teapot 1.0l, Lavender
Manto Teapot 1.0l, Lavender

Manto Teapot 1.0l, Lavender


RRP: £94.95

Ceramic teapot with stainless steel casing

Casing of high-gloss lavender-coloured metal with white fittings

Handle and grip can get lukewarm at most

Perfect drip-free pouring

More on the way

The Cosy Manto is the modern version of the traditional Cosy teapot. It looks different but has the same practical features! Its removable, felt-clad outer casing of stainless steel covers the ceramic inner pot to ensure that the temperature and flavour of the tea are retained for a longer period of time. The Manto is supplied with a tea filter, and its inner pot is dishwasher safe, which makes it very practical in use.



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