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What's your favourite knife? Part 1

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What's your favourite knife? Part 1

What are you wishing for this Christmas?


To start with most people seem to have everything…. if not then they get something given to them that they really don’t want.  Then you get the January splurge on EBay from consumers turning their gifts into cash.


So for me it’s about buying right in the first place.  Not happy with the gift you had last year.  Say something quick as it’s fast approaching and you will be re-launching your January EBay career.


We regularly get asked what’s our best seller, it’s a very regular question.  What’s right for you though might not be right for me and so on.  Take this for example, one of my favourite knives.  It’s the 18cm Classic Ikon Cooks Knife from Wusthof.    What’s so good about it you ask? Well if I wanted to go into sales speak, which I may as well do just that then I give you this lowdown.  16cm Cooks knife is a beautiful pick me up cooks knife, a manual food processor, great for that onion, great for herbs and pretty unsafe when it comes to anything of the size of a butternut squash.  Size is important? That’s what I was always told.  Take the 20cm cooks knife, a flagship in terms of looks and style. It has the perfect balance and for those long shifts in a professional environment it’s going to make a task less cumbersome.  Show this to some people though and they can, realistically, run a mile.  With comments being hurled about that the thing is like a sword and it’s scary and uncontrollable.  It’s not, and with the right attitude, care and consideration it is a far safer knife to tackle that butternut squash.  Think about it, next time you hold the tip of your knife to the board and lever your knife down to cut a vegetable, the knife does the work and the knife has the right amount of clearance to do the job right.  Otherwise, and you see it, you get Mr Right battering down the squash with a paring knife and wondering why his left index finger just came away from his hand.  All that said and my valid point.  We launched the 18cm Classic Ikon cooks knife last year.  It’s very rarely made it to a retailers knife board as space is paramount.  Not even to dangle an incentive in front of you to entice you back to their shop. So here we are.  One of my favourite knives.  Less than the 20cm and more than the 16cm but with the most beautiful feel in hand that will make chopping and dicing an even more enjoyable part of your own personal master class.  You will still need a longer blade for that squash though. The joy of collecting knives. 

The 18cm Classic Ikon Cooks Knife


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