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SCANPAN Pancake Pan

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SCANPAN Pancake Pan

The best time of the week? Saturday Brunch of course!

Why not whip up some eggs or a pancake batter and then get cooking in the SCANPAN Pancake Pan?

This pan with low, sloping sides is perfect for cooking omelettes, so start your day with a one egg omelette and feed your protein needs.

Protein pancakes are bang on trend (we like to top them with yogurt and berries) and the SCANPAN pan can make cooking them a breeze.

Savoury pancakes are also a winner in our eyes - it just goes to show, pancakes don't have to be all about maple syrup!

Perhaps you forgot about Valentine's Day and you need to redeem yourself - you could whip up a nice breakfast for your loved one in the SCANPAN Pancake Pan.

SCANPAN Pancake Pan

Pancake Pan


The SCANPAN Pancake Pan comes from the Classic range - which means you can fry without fat on a PFOA-free non-stick coating. Squeeze cast recycled aluminium is environmentally friendly whilst allowing fast and even heat distribution. Safe for use with metal utensils, the SCANPAN Pancake pan is suitable for all heat sources except induction.