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The growth in GEFU's popularity is a testament to the high quality kitchen tools offered by this brand, which is best known for the Original Spirelli spiral cutter that uses a similar concept to a pencil sharpener.

From kitchen staples such as cheese graters, whisks and ladles to original, innovative tools to make cooking more fun, GEFU has it all!

So what makes a GEFU product? A constant style which is adapted to meet customer needs but nevertheless is still shaped by tradition and modernity, quality and understatement. All products must convince with their practical usability, dazzle with a unique design and also be robust, hygienic and long-lasting.
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3 In 1 Barbecue Cleaning Brush +View this product In Stock

3 In 1 Barbecue Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Tool


SKU: GF89160

RRP: £11.95

Adjustable Rolling Pin +View this product Running Low

Adjustable Rolling Pin

For perfect pastry and dough


SKU: GF14620

RRP: £32.95

Adjustable Vegetable Slicer +View this product In Stock

Adjustable Vegetable Slicer

Adjustable Vegetable Slicer


SKU: GF50440

RRP: £27.95

All-Purpose Scissors +View this product In Stock

All-Purpose Scissors



SKU: GF12650

RRP: £11.95

All-Purpose Turbo Whisk +View this product Running Low

All-Purpose Turbo Whisk

German Engineering - no batteries


SKU: GF12790

RRP: £12.95

Allegro Whisk +View this product More on the way

Allegro Whisk



SKU: GF14870

RRP: £21.95

Almond Mill +View this product Running Low

Almond Mill

Mill for nuts, chocolate and hard cheeses


SKU: GF19150

RRP: £27.95

Angelino Kitchen/Baking Brush +View this product In Stock

Angelino Kitchen/Baking Brush



SKU: GF14560

RRP: £20.95

Aperto Five-In-One Opener +View this product More on the way

Aperto Five-In-One Opener



SKU: GF12830

RRP: £8.95

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