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200th Anniversary Set A very special 2pc set from Wüsthof

The perfect gift for him The stylish & robust Hip Flask from Nuance

Wusthof 200th Anniversary Quality since 1814

Scanpan Impact Tagines Relive the summer holiday.... this Winter

Get your timings right! Tempico 5 in 1 timer from GEFU

Double Serrated Bread Knife A great addition to the Wüsthof classic range

This isn't just any cookware it's cookware you can rely on day after day

Baldur Hurricane Candle Holder A stylish addition to your home from Nuance

Messimo Baking Thermometer Take the doubt out of baking

Add a splash of colour! A range of colourful knife storage options

Award winning Spiralfix! GEFU adds a twist of fun to your vegetables

Scanpan IQ - Made in Denmark

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GEFU Spiralfix

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