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NEW Nuance Water Pitchers Available Now - Click for details

GEFU Sous Vide Thermometer For food cooked in the bag

Bredemeijer Cosy Manto NEW teapot with a stylish copper finish

French Coffee Press LV Copper Coffee Maker

NEW Scanpan Maitre D Steel The essential pan for presentation.

Nuance Brass Candle Holders An elegant addition to any table

Scanpan CTX Cookware Made in Denmark

Bredemeijer Cosette NEW Stoneware Teapots

Wüsthof Kitchen Surfer 3.0 The versatile 'Kiritsuke' KS3

Bredemeijer - Time for Tea? See the range

Choose Scanpan Classic A roasting pan you can rely on

Spiral cutters from GEFU Spirelli or Spiralfix: Health veg with a twist!

Get your timings right! Every second counts on the big day!

Award winning Spiralfix! GEFU adds a twist of fun to your vegetables

Scanpan CTX - Made in Denmark

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GEFU Spiralfix

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